Photography at Sprout serves to tell stories of real people and technology through a balance of authenticity, sophistication and emotion.

People photography


When you want to convey a simple story about Sprout people, thought-leadership, or customer brands, utilize original in-house photography. The overall aesthetic is mature, authentic, and inviting.

Talent is as diverse as our customers and should appear comfortable, sincere, and authentic; not overly produced. Capture people’s unique personality in their everyday life and how Sprout Social impacts their work. Realistic environments that are clean and focused add to the personality of the photo.

tone 1a

tone 1b


When selecting a model’s clothing, use solid colors, minimal shapes or patterns, and avoid logos.

When shooting on seamless paper backdrops, choose colors based on the mood you’re trying to convey. Refer to our brand colors guide for palettes and inspiration.


Asymmetry and the the rule of thirds in single-subject photos is both aesthetically pleasing and allows space for creativity in post. Group photography should be center-weighted, balanced and fill the entire frame. Avoid cropping hands, heads, and shots tighter than mediums.

framing 1a

framing 1b


In general, lighting should emulate a large natural light source from the side that afford gentle contouring, warm highlights, and moderate contrast. (For certain conceptual projects, a more dramatic use of shadows and contrast can be used.)

A shallow depth of field is ideal for single portraits and prioritize medium depth-of-field and maintain focus across all individuals in a group. Decrease shutter angle to avoid motion entirely. Avoid wide angle lenses if possible, or use post-processing to correction lens distortion and abberations.

technique 1a

technique 1b

Try to avoid scenes with multiple different light sources with varying color temperatures and match white balance of the camera to the lighting source.

Unless project specific, people photography should always be in full-color RGB with minimal editing (Adobe Bright Color profile in Lightroom) with a target resolution of 300 dpi. Color correction should prioritize skin tone at 70 IRE, avoid clipping of highlights and darks, and mimic our video guidelines.

Product photography


Product photography should support the story of real people connecting through Social. It should feel candid, feature a wide variety of people interacting with technology, and feature the product in a solo context. The overall aesthetic is contemporary, with a blend of business and casual settings.


Rarely will more than two subjects be featured in product photography, while often one subject can suffice for simple interaction with the product. Capturing product images that convey a contemporary work environments, diverse subjects, and collaboration and collaboration is key to humanizing our product.

Talent should wear solid-colored clothing and have well-groomed hands and minimal jewelry. Additionally, environments that are simple and uncluttered add to the tone and personality of the photo, and a variety of table tops should be considered.

Overhead photography affords a larger context for the working environment and over-the-shoulder perspective affords a look into the strategy and tactics of Sprout Social users - feel free to use both.

Featured technology (i.e. phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc) should be as current as possible, brand free, case free and from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Technique In general, follow lighting and depth-of-field guidelines from the People section, and avoid overhead lighting, which can create distracting practical glares on screens opposed to subtle consistent highlights which are acceptable. Use 1-stop darker background exposures to avoid too light that may bloom around the product. Decrease shutter angle to avoid motion entirely.

Capture product shots using a green screen app to allow for Sprout-designed UI in post. Avoid over-brightness on the screen that may cast green back onto skin tones or address in post edit.

Product photography should always be in full-color RGB with minimal editing with a target resolution of 300 dpi.

Culture photography

Photography is essential in capturing the authentic and exciting moments of working at Sprout. Sprout’s people are a fun and creative bunch and the photography should reflect our values, culture, and personality.

When shooting an event, cover all aspects of the event in close, medium, and wide shots. Use consistent framing of subjects throughout the event and shoot in a documentary-style that avoids using flash.

Where photos are staged, they should still feel natural and/or playful. Remember to be creative here and try non-traditional framing and social trends in photography!