Investor relations

Sprout’s Investor Relations brand should make audiences feel confident in the data and information that is presented to them. Resources should feel intelligent and informative while displayed in a clear and approachable way.


A thoughtfully reduced palette of colors distinguishes the content type and target audience with a sense of authority and trust. Confident and approachable, the condensed palette of teals and blues is distilled from Sprout’s brand color palette.

The analogous color palette elevates and complements Sprout’s core palette. Use the two palettes together to build brand recognition and to provide accessibility and simplicity throughout communications.

Additional tints may be required for complex data visualizations, use the extended palettes judiciously ensuring to always maintain proper contrast.


Proxima Nova, Sprout’s primary font family, is a flexible sans-serif typeface that supports clarity and accessibility. Proxima Nova should be used for most typographic needs. Follow Sprout’s existing brand typography guidelines for maximum legibility and to maintain visual hierarchy.

Proxima Nova, Extrabold

A visual depiction of a typographic call out

Striking call-outs draw attention to the most valuable data points, quotes or information in an irresistible and urgent manner. Recoleta Semi-bold, Sprout’s serif typeface, may be used to emphasize these noteworthy moments.

Recoleta, Semi-bold

A colorful, visual depiction of a serif style typographic call out


Universally understood icons represent specific concepts, ideas and themes in a quick and visually engaging form. Icons should be treated in a simple line execution so the general concept is easily comprehensible. Icons should only be displayed in or .

Common icons

A set of common icons related to investing

Icons are a great tool to simplify content heavy communications. Pair them with text to help visualize and give emphasis to a particular idea or section.

A design example of an investor icon visualizing complicated subject matter

Data viz and infographics

Clear and concise data visualizations communicate complex patterns and behaviors in a format that is compelling and easy to understand. Use a variety of clean, scannable data visualizations throughout materials to hold interest and intrigue.

Common data visualization types

An example of many different type of charts and graphs

Attractive infographics use a collection of imagery, charts and minimal text to provide an overview of a topic. They can improve cognition by communicating information quickly and in a unique way. Include infographics to help viewers comprehend and retain knowledge.

Sample infographics

A funnel style infographic
A cyclical infographic


Color-blocking adds personality and variety to layouts while capturing attention, establishing a hierarchy of information and engaging the viewer. Showcase curated combinations of two or three colors using simple geometric shapes to create balance and energy.

Color-block examples

A design composition using color blocks to organize information
An alternate design composition using color blocks to organize information

Intentional, limited use of visual motifs prioritizes information sharing while maintaining brand consistency and recognition. To express the forward progress and upward growth at the core of our brand identity, simple line motifs may be utilized in layouts. Maintain brand integrity by only showing line motifs in two directional paths, “upward and to the right” or “to the right and upward”. Follow Sprout’s existing composition guidelines when working with the leaf framing device.

Visual motif examples

A design composition that uses lines to create a visual motif that implies movement
An alternate design composition that uses lines to create a visual motif that implies movement