Logo system

The Sprout Social logo system is comprised of a horizontal lockup, an icon and a wordmark.

Sprout is built on the idea that open communication creates progress. It was important to us to craft a visual identity that illustrates that belief. The leaf icon was born from the marriage of conversation and growth.

Pro tip
Looking for Sprout logos and marketing images to download? Check out the Brand Assets page for details.

Primary Logos

Whenever possible use the primary four color horizontal logo lockup. The lockup is ideal on white, light gray or dark gray backgrounds. Be mindful of how the leaf greens feel against the background color. If in doubt, err on the side of a single-color version.

Horizontal Lockup

When using the horizontal lockup, never alter the relationship between the leaf icon and the wordmark.

Horizontal Lockup


Only use the icon without the wordmark in cases where there’s an established familiarity with the Sprout brand and/or space is too limited to use the horizontal lockup.

Icon only logo


Only use the wordmark when space or printing restrictions do not allow for including the leaf.

Wordmark logo

The wordmark also works well against color backgrounds and photography when there is sufficient contrast.

Wordmark logo with background

Secondary Logos

The single-color, line version of the icon is most appropriate for situations that require a clean, subtle treatment, such as watermarking a graphic or when printing restrictions require a single color. The single-color, line version of the leaf icon should be used minimally and never in conjunction with the wordmark.

Single Color Line Icon

Only use the single-color line icon in cases where there is an established familiarity with the Sprout brand, and/or space is too limited to use the horizontal lockup.

To determine the most appropriate stroke thickness for the line icon, start at 2pt thickness for sizes less than 100px wide and increase the stroke weight by 1pt for each 100px of width added.

Icon WidthStroke Thickness
< 100px2pt
100px - 200px3pt
200px - 300px4pt
300px - 400px5pt
400px - 500px6pt

Vertical Lockup

Only use the vertical lockup in instances where spacing doesn’t properly accommodate for the horizontal lockup, and when a larger emphasis is needed on the leaf.

Logo Spacing

When placing any of the logos inside a container or pairing them with other design elements, make sure to give the logo a comfortable amount of white space to breathe. Use the upper right quadrant of the leaf as a guide for establishing the minimum amount of clear space around the entire logo.

Minimum Size

To ensure the logos preserve their visual impact and legibility in both print and digital formats, do not go any smaller than the minimum size.


To preserve legibility, do not show the horizontal lockup smaller than 144px wide or the wordmark smaller than 104px wide when displaying them digitally.


To preserve legibility, do not show the horizontal lockup smaller than 1.5” wide or the wordmark smaller than 1.0”wide when printing them.


The icon works best at digital sizes above 40px wide and printed above 0.50” wide. If you need to show the icon at a smaller size use the modified version in which the “stem” has been exaggerated. If using the modified version of the icon, do not go any smaller than 16px / 0.22” wide.

Logo Misuse

To ensure the logo maintains a strong impact, do not modify or distort it in any way. The alterations listed below are unacceptable treatments.

Stretch, squeeze or rotate
Add drop shadows, gradients or special effects
Change the orientation of the leaf
Use against busy or low-contrast backgrounds
Add additional elements
Change the colors of the Sprout leaf
Fill with patterns
Remove any of the 4 quadrants from the Sprout leaf

Sprout Social Name

When referencing Sprout Social in any content it’s important to properly represent the company name. You should always treat “Sprout” and “Social” as separate words. The first time Sprout Social is referenced in a document or webpage, refer to the company by its full name, “Sprout Social.” In all subsequent references refer to the company as just “Sprout.”

Treat Sprout Social as a single word
Sprout Social®
Include a registered trademark symbol ® when referencing Sprout Social