Brand Assets

Design with care

Consistency builds a brand. Here you can find our core brand assets—logo, color and imagery—along with some basic guidelines, for your ease of use.

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Logo system

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The Sprout Social logo system is comprised of an icon and a wordmark. Whenever possible use the primary four-color horizontal logo lockup, unless placing on a background color that compromises contrast. If in doubt, err on the side of a single-color logo. Please do not alter the logos in any way. Click on any version to download a high resolution file.

Color palette

The Sprout color palette features a flexible range of vibrant colors, anchored by our foundational colors Jade, Midnight, Onyx, and Snowcap. Click on any swatch below to copy it to your clipboard. To access the full Sprout color brand palette, visit this page.


Brand images

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We take pride in both our product and our culture. Click on any image below to download a high resolution file.

Sprout Social Smart Inbox with TikTok
Sprout Social Instagram Comment Reply
Sprout Social Bots Home
Sprout Social Asset Library Card View
Sprout Social Publishing Calendar View Approval Activity hover state
Sprout Social Compose with Optimal Send Times
Sprout Social Listening Competitive Analysis Performance
Sprout Social Listening Performance Network Overview
Sprout Social Analytics Instagram Business Profiles Report
Sprout Analytics Cross Channel Post Performance Report
Sprout Social Employee Advocacy General Report
Sprout Social Employee Advocacy Stories to Share
Sprout Social Chicago office lobby
Sprout Social Seattle office
Sprout Social Dublin office lobby
Sprout Social Chicago office lobby with people
Sprout Social Chicago office design wall mural
Sprout Social Chicago team members
Sprout Social laptop remote meeting
Sprout Social hybrid work environment
Sprout Social Chicago office conference room
Person using Sprout Social Analytics
Person reading the Sprout Social blog