Switch enables a user to quickly toggle between two states.

Toggling a switch triggers its action immediately, which differs from a radio group in that a radio group’s action is typically initiated from a form submit button.

How to use

  • Switch states are saved immediately on click
    • Like a light switch, you don’t flip it, then submit it. The change takes effect right when you click.
  • Switch states are persistent
    • A change to a switch persists throughout all sessions until user flips the switch again.


  • All Checkboxes must always have an associated label
    • Label must be written as to describe the on state of the switch.
      • i.e. “Email Notification Enabled”
    • Avoid using negations such as “Notifications Off”, which would mean the user would have to turn the switch on to turn the setting off.
    • Detailed descriptions of the switch setting should be placed directly beneath the switch.