Data states

Data states provide clear and reassuring communication to users about the state of their report.

Examples of data states might include: the status of a report, when an error has occurred, when data is still being gathered or when there is no data to display.


Use a branded for main sections. If a branded loader is not provided, fall back to a generic loader.

Zero data

A zero data state is used when the raw data is returning zero data.

Chart Zero Data Donut Zero Data Horizontal Bar Zero Data Influencers Zero Data

Table Zero Data
Table zero data state
Word Cloud Zero Data

Gathering data

A gathering data state occurs when Sprout is gathering data from the source. This can take time and this state is used to represent that.

Chart Gathering Donut Gathering Horizontal Bar Gathering Influencers Gathering Multi Select Gathering Overview Gathering Table Gathering Word Cloud Gathering

Data Unavailable

Data unavailable is used when Sprout is unable to retrieve all of a customer’s data at that time. This data state should be used when Sprout is:

  • Gathering data for a recently connected profile.
  • Unable to provide some data prior to the date that a customer connected their profile.
  • Unable to provide data for currently disconnected profiles.

Chart Error Donut Error Horizontal Bar Error Influencers Error Multi Select Error Overview Error Table Error Word Cloud Error

Partial data

Occurs when the data source can only return a portion of a given set of data.

Area Chart Chart Donut Chart Gathering Data Donut Chart Missing Data Table Missing Data Table Partial Data


Occurs when the visualization is dependent on an interactive key with nothing selected.

Multi select chart