Avoiding clichés

Alternatives to our most loved marketing clichés

We’ve created this resource to help our team use language more consciously and come across as a masterful thought leader, rather than a follower. The goal isn’t to banish these words entirely—there may be times when they are the right fit—it's to challenge ourselves to push Sprout’s voice forward, beyond the typical.

Thankfully, we don't need marketing jargon to establish trust and leadership. First, it’s real data, success stories and a customer-first approach that make us trustworthy. Second, our sophisticated audience is more likely to listen to—and be inspired by—a genuine, enlightened thought that feels new and fresh, rather than words or phrases they’re used to hearing.

The Negative

Whether it came in the form of platform research or feedback from our audience, we’ve seen a negative response to these words and want to encourage alternatives.


As Sprout evolves, our most-loved word becomes vague, overused and has proven to stand out negatively to testers in the platform story research.

Alts: Transformative


Our platform story research showed that people respond negatively to messaging around this word. It feels like an over promise.

Considerations: Rather than alts, try to avoid including this term or terms that insinuate unrealistic action.

“Everything you need / “We have you covered”

Our platform story research showed that people respond negatively to insinuating a product can fix “everything.”

Considerations: Rather than hyperbole, embrace specifics about how and what our product can fix. Target real customer pain points.

Breeds (ex: “breeds creativity”)

This verb gives users the ick. Not the most suitable description for our audience and can often be simplified.

Alts: Born from, Leads to, builds, creates


This is an example of language that feels immature, like we’re trying too hard. It’s distinctly generational.

Unleash / Unveil / Uncover

These fun “un-”words tend to oversell sentiments and feel fluffy to users. Platform research showed that users felt Unleash specifically felt “ferocious and aggressive.”

Alts: Consider more Luminary terms, like Illuminate, Spotlight, etc

The Lack of Data/Proof

As we encourage our audience to do, let’s use data and lead with proof where we can. It’s the difference between showing and telling.

Ultimate / Best-in-class

Can often cause suspicion without proof to back it up.

Business-critical / Mission-critical / Vital

Sweeping statements that elicit a negative sense of urgency without data.

Alts: Integral is a less-overused replacement for when a proof point isn’t available.

Efficient / Effective

Both words—often used together—are almost never attributed to proof. Any brand can claim these without data, making them feel disingenuous to users.

The Ambiguous

Sprout’s brand voice should push past surface sentiments and get at the meat of the point.


Nothing is unique. Be more specific with descriptors.

Alts: Distinctive, special, or get at the niche value of what you’re describing.


This was received questionably in our platform story research as a cliche. The more intentionally we use this word, the stronger it becomes and the more we can differentiate from competitors with similar key messaging.

Considerations: Use this primarily in product copy, use this less frequently in marketing or brand awareness assets.

Level-up / Next level / Uplevel

One of the most overused phrases in our industry and yet means something different to professionals at various stages.

Alts: Transform, Evolve, Elevate, etc.

“Now more than ever”

People are fatigued by this post-pandemic. It’s always “now more than ever” no matter when we say it.

Alts: Simplify to “Now” or statements like, “This is especially true for people today because…”, “This matters now because…”, “People care about this now because…”