How Sprout sounds

Every Sprout employee has their own experiences and preferences that inform their personal writing style. But with so many voices behind one brand, this can sometimes lead to a lack of cohesion and clarity.

In an effort to create deeper connections with our customers, we have to become a brand they can trust. And one of the easiest ways to establish trust is through consistency–specifically in how we communicate with our audience.

These pages contain rules and guidelines meant to help standardize the voice, tone, language, terminology, grammar and writing mechanics used in every piece of writing across the organization. When we stick to these general guidelines, our audience is better able to understand who we are and what to expect from us–which ultimately leads to better relationships.


Before we ever put one word on the page, we need to think big picture and align on the basics of what–and how–Sprout wishes to communicate.

Specific guidelines

These resources are meant to address more specific questions regarding Sprout’s standards for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, use-cases, etc.