Brand personality

It’s infinitely more effective—and fun—to write for a brand when you know its unique personality.

But while adjectives and examples are a good way to convey brand voice and tone, brand personality is a bit more abstract.

That’s why we’ve chosen to characterize our brand with the use of archetypes and personas.

Our aim is to bring the Sprout brand to life with the use of a more human, relatable creative muse.

Brand archetype

Archetypes have been proven to help craft brand personality, functioning as a “true north” for brand behavior and voice.

They can also create emotional associations for consumers and help personify a company’s external and internal beliefs and values.

In the brand context, there are twelve primary archetypes. Every brand should align with only one archetype, but will most likely share similar traits with others.

Sprout’s brand archetype is The Visionary (also called The Creator, or Builder).

The Visionary


To dismantle old systems and ways of thinking in favor of innovation and progress

Marketing niche

Empower people to innovate by showing them a world of possibilities, and giving them the tools they need to create, reinvent and reinterpret


Forward-thinking, imaginative, authentic, innovative, energetic, insightful, creative, vibrant, perceptive, curious, confident, optimistic

Brand persona

Similar to a buyer or customer persona, a brand persona is a fictional representation of your brand derived from your company values, voice and tone and brand archetype. Writing with this brand persona in mind can help further inform choices around voice, tone and language. Sprout’s brand persona is The Luminary.

Sprout: The Luminary


To illuminate possibilities

Personality traits

Intelligent, innovative, confident, curious and spirited

Sounds like...

Bold, inspiring and authentic