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Q1 2021
Q1 2021 DS update
It's been awhile. Here's what's up with Design Systems.
The team
With Chase's departure, Bill Foehring has stepped in as the design systems lead. Additionally, we are thrilled to welcome engineering director Maurice Rabb to Design Systems. He is partnering with Bill on Racine and other technical aspects of our system.
Together, we are continuing to deliver on the Design System's promise to provide tools, products, and services that reduce friction for creators at Sprout.
portrait of Bill Furring
Bill Foehring
Senior Product Designer,
Design Systems
portrait of Maurice Rabb
Maurice Rabb
Engineering Director,
Design Systems
Our work
Onboarding & process
Working to onboard Maurice has allowed us to revisit and reevaluate some of our processes and workflows. Adjusting, fine-tuning, learning, and documenting has been a regular part of our everyday work.
Knowledge transfer & maintenance
With Chase's departure came a fair amount of knowledge transfer. We did our best to cover every topic and capture as much information as possible before he left. Inevitably, a laundry list of loose ends presented itself (think access tokens, permissions, etc.) and required us to dedicate some time to repairing those operations. Rest assured, the machine is oiled.
Component development
First off, big shoutout to Shane Brunson and Mike Rivet for their contributions to the long-awaited date pickers and TokenInput! "Did you say date pickers and TokenInput?!" Yes, we did. Design Systems has been busy ushering date picker and TokenInput into Racine and Seeds.
Date pickers include our SingleDatePicker as well as our DateRangePicker. The single date picker is best for single date selections whereas the date range picker is best for, you guessed it, date ranges.
Check out Datepicker and TokenInput on Seeds.
Contribution & redesign
Some of you may be asking yourselves:
"what happened to all that awesome, big picture work that Design Systems was asking me about?"
Great question. Moving into 2021, we plan to revisit the work we've already completed on contributions and the Seeds redesign. We'll make sure that our plans still make sense for the coming year and then prioritize and staff accordingly to make that work a reality.
Finally, on the subject of staffing, we're hiring! Design leadership has plans to add management and creative technologists to the design systems team this year. For more information or if you know someone who would be a great fit, don't hesitate to reach out!
Noteworthy updates
  • Welcome, Maurice!
  • Published seeds-networkcolors v2.6.0 - includes updated Pinterest and LinkedIn values
  • Published TokenInput
  • Published Datepicker
  • Launched updated color docs thanks to Katie Powell and our friends on Brand
  • Security fixes and dependency upgrades for both Seeds and Racine
  • Expected launch of Figma webhooks API & Slack integration overhaul later this month
Parting reminder
In case this got lost in all of the excitement of the holiday season, be sure to check out our contribution workflow on Seeds!

Bill Foehring
Lead, Design Systems

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