Layout and composition are the building blocks of design. A strong composition attracts attention, clarifies understanding and engages the viewer.

Leaf frame

Our unique framing device is a simplified shape distilled from the original Sprout leaf icon, sans stem. This shape is widely used within the Sprout product and recognizable to customers. The simplified leaf should never be treated as a logo mark.

Leaf deconstructed to basic leaf-like shape
Treat the simplified leaf as a logo mark.

Frame usage

Use the leaf frame to house photography, illustrations and content. When scaling the frame, always maintain proportional curves on the upper left and lower right corners. The leaf may be extended horizontally or vertically to create a rectangular frame, but only one aspect ratio should be adjusted at a time.

Maintain proportional curves in the upper left and lower right corners when scaling the frame.
Alter the proportions of the curves in the upper left and lower right corners of the frame.
Extend the frame horizontally while maintaining vertical proportions. Extension should be a minimum of 1/2 the original width.
Extend the frame vertically while maintaining horizontal proportions. Extension should be a minimum of 1/2 the original height.
Reflect or rotate the frame.
Add curves to the upper right or lower left corners.
Use multiple uniform frames to tell a series of stories within a single design.
Use a variety of varying frames in a pattern like formation within a single design.


Utilize the leaf frame to add personality and variety to layouts. Within layouts, the frame may be used in its entirety, cropped horizontally or vertically, or expanded full bleed.

Examples of different design layouts


Imagery used in the leaf frame should be simple yet evocative. Select imagery intentionally to add meaning, depth or additional context to the message being communicated through a headline. When cropping imagery in the frame, be thoughtful of how the subject is positioned and follow the rule of thirds with lifestyle photography.

Woman working displayed in rule of thirds
Group working with main subject highlighted with rule of thirds

Breaking the frame

Be judicious when choosing to break the frame. When using the leaf frame with photography and a secondary visual motif, break the frame with the visual motif and not the photography. When working with illustration, break the frame to add additional dimension to a composition.

Design where the subject breaks out of the frame

In motion

Shift perspective and illuminate opportunity by applying motion to the frame. Forward progress and upward growth is at the core of our brand identity and expressed in the curves of our mark. This movement can be expressed through motion.

Apply motion to the leaf frame that represents upward and to the right progress.
Expand and contract the frame horizontally or vertically from the center to illuminate imagery.